As a manufacturer/importer MB Safety® is aware of its position in society. The aspects of people, profit and planet play an important role within our organization and are used in various fields .

Within our CSR policy we apply these three pillars as follows :

MVO people


• We provide our employees with safe workplaces , methods and materials so that the risk of accidents and absenteeism is as low as possible .
• We provide extensive training opportunities within the company so that the knowledge of the employees stays up-to-date and they can continue to develop themselves. To this end, we have gained an agreement with the college Albeda Rotterdam – RDM Campus.
• We seek to encourage a positive work environment so that employees can efficiently collaborate and have fun in their work .
• We are committed to charities such as Serious Request and Roparun .

MVO profit


• The products we produce or purchase are sustainable and meet today’s demands and requirements of our customers and the regulatory environment .
• With our clients we build a lasting relationship by providing sustainable and quality products accompanied with sound advice . In this is the credo ” Your partner in safety ” central.
• We conduct a profitable business that secures our existence .
• We continually monitor new developments in the market so that we can meet them adequately.

MVO planet


• We are continuously identifying energy saving opportunities . For example, this has already led to the replacement of any standard lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting and the application for solar panels.
• We aim to significantly reduce CO2 emissions through the following measures:
– Replacing all vehicles (in time) within our fleet with energy-efficient cars.
– Preferably hiring employees residing in the immediate vicinity of our company .
– If possible visiting our customers by train .
• Before we go into business with a new supplier , we always visit them to ensure that work is being done in the right circumstances. Both in the field of environment and working conditions.
• We separate all our waste through our own environmental park. We are also registered with Stibat as a collection point for used batteries. See also